NUO s.r.l.– a company with registered office at via Alberto Falck, 4-16, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)(hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and with the following email address privacyexpert@falckgroup.eu – in its capacity as data controller, informs you that the personal information of users accessing the website [*] (the “Site“) or the information of any other person referred to in these personal data (the “User”) will be processed in accordance with this privacy policy on the processing of personal data.


The Company acts as data controller of processed personal data. An exhaustive list of those designated by the Company to supervise the processing of data is available by sending a request to the Company, using the address mentioned at paragraph 9 of this privacy policy.


The Company collects and processes personal data provided by the User (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”). These data include identification data (i.e. name, surname, business personal email address) and information about the nationality and job title.

The Company collects and processes personal data provided by the User (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”). These data include identification data and information about the nationality and surfing data about the use of the services offered via the Site. These data are collected using cookies, in accordance with the Company’s cookie notice, available at the following https://www.falckrenewables.com/cookie-policy.

Information regarding the User’s occupation and phone numbers is also processed, if the User chooses to share this information.

Health data and – generally speaking – special categories of personal data, as per article 9 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on personal data protection (the “Privacy Regulation”) are not processed.

The above-mentioned Personal Data are processed only in so far as is necessary in order to fulfil the purposes described in paragraph 4 of this privacy policy.


The Company processes the User’s Personal Data using manual or electronic tools, for the following purposes:

      1. to allow Users to register to the Site by creating an account in order to use the tool NUO (“Tool“) or to provide them with the services offered through the Site (“Contractual Purposes”)
      2. compliance with obligations from laws and regulations (“Legal Obligation Purposes”)
      3. with the User’s prior consent, sending newsletters and communications via email, telephone, SMS or other messaging services within the context of the email alert service, regarding the potential publication of press releases, balance sheets, reports and communications intended for analysts, as well as the promotion and/or sale of products and/or services sold by the Company (“Marketing Purposes”)
      4. with the User’s prior consent, communicating the User’s Personal Data to the other companies of the Falck Group the list of which is available upon request as well as to its commercial partners operating in NUO (whose list is available on request) for them sending newsletters, commercial communications and invitations to events, in relation to their products and services, by the means of communication referred to in lett. c) above (“Third Party Marketing Purposes“)
      5. with the prior consent of the User, to send commercial communications and invitations to events, through the means of communication referred to in point 3) above, which take into account his/her preferences, interests, characteristics and consumption habits or to carry out analyses based on the characteristics indicated above, also by combining the Data with further personal data relating to him/her which may already legitimately be in the possession of NUO(“Profiling Purposes”);
      6. carrying out activities about the sale of the company and branches of the business, acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers or other operations; to assert and defend these rights against the User and third parties (“Business Legitimate Interest Purposes”).

Personal Data processing is compulsory in accordance with the Contractual Purposes and the Legal Obligation Purposes. Should the Users object to the processing of their Personal Data in accordance with these purposes, they will not be able to access the Tool or use the Company’s services.

Processing Personal Data for Marketing Purposes and for Third Party Marketing Purposes is optional and subject to the Users’ prior consent. If the latter deny their consent, the Company or the companies of the Falck Group will not be able to keep the Users updated regarding new products or services, special deals, personalised offers, or carry out market surveys and send communications or other materials relevant for them.

Processing Personal Data for Business Legitimate Interest is not compulsory, but is based on the Company’s legitimate interest in carry out these operations. Users may object to the data processing of this purpose. In this case, their Personal Data will not be used for these purposes, unless the Company is able to identify an overriding legitimate interest.



The Company could disclose the User’s Personal Data with

  • Company’s and companies of the Falck Group collaborators, subsidiaries and suppliers, in the context of their tasks and/or the contractual obligations they have vis-à-vis one another;
  • legal, administrative and tax advisers who assist the Company in carrying out its activities;
  • subcontractors engaged in activities related to the performance of the products and services offered by the Company, such as – for example – assistance agencies and/or resellers, acting as external data processors;
  • public and/or judicial and/or monitoring bodies, should they make the request, acting as independent data controllers; and
  • IT or cloud service providers.


The transfer of the User’s Personal Data will be carried out to member States of the European Union. Any transfer of the User’s Personal Data to countries outside the European Union may take place where necessary for Contractual Purposes or Business Legitimate Interest Purposes, or for example, if the Data controller decides to set up its servers or company databases outside the European Union, or to outsource services to entities established abroad. In any event, such a transfer will take place in compliance with the guarantees provided by the applicable regulations and in compliance with the provisions of article 44 and subsequent articles of the Privacy Regulation.

The User has the right to obtain a copy of the guarantees on the basis of which the Personal Data are transferred and to be made aware of the location where these Personal Data were made available. He/she may do so by sending a request to the Data Controller at the address mentioned in paragraph 9 of this privacy policy.



With regard to their Personal Data, the Users may at any time exercise their  right to (a) obtain the confirmation of the existence of Personal Data concerning them and receive copies of such data; (b) find out where the Personal Data come from, the purposes for which data were processed, and the methods used, as well as the logic behind processing carried out by electronic means; (c) request that the Personal Data are updated, accurate and – if they want – complete; (d) obtain the erasure, transformation into anonymous format or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as object to the processing on legitimate grounds; (e) withdraw consent to the processing of their Personal Data, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing which occurred before consent was withdrawn; (f) request that the Company restrict the scope of the data processing; (g) object to the processing of their Personal Data; (h) request that their Personal Data are erased, without undue delay, and (i) obtain a portable version of their Personal Data. These rights are exercised by sending a letter to the address mentioned in paragraph 9.

The User will have the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, where permitted.



Should the Users have doubts about this privacy policy, or should they want to exercise one of the data protection rights contained in this privacy policy, they may contact the Company at the following address privacyexpert@falckgroup.eu



The Company will process the Personal Data for a period which is considered necessary in order to satisfy the purposes for which they were collected, as per paragraph 3 above. In any event, the following storage periods apply to the processing of Personal Data as follows, in accordance with the aims pursued:

Personal Data collected for Contractual Purposes are kept for the whole time the account is active and/or whilst the Company’s services are being used, and for a further 10 years after the shutdown of the account and/or the termination of the service for the purposes of the defence of a right and/or to exercise a right of the Company in court and/or out of court, in the event of disputes relating to the execution of the contract and/or the performance of the service;

Personal Data collected for Legal Obligation Purposes are kept for a period that is equal to the duration prescribed by law for each type of data;

Personal Data collected for Marketing Purposes are kept for a period equal to the entire duration of the service, as well as for the 2 years following the termination of the service;

Personal Data collected for Third Party Marketing Purposes are kept for a period of 24 months from their collection;

Personal Data collected for Business Legitimate Interest Purposes are kept for 10 years from the time of collection.



The Site should not be used by minors. If the User is a minor, they are not allowed to continue browsing and using the Site.



This privacy policy enters into force on the date mentioned above. However, the Company may – with prior notice – make changes and/or additions to the privacy policy, also as a consequence of the entry into force of the Privacy Regulation and potential ulterior legal modifications and/or additions.