Panelist at the Corporate Entrepreneurship Event by Gellify

9 and 11 of November 2020 NUO has been selected to participate to the Corporate entrepreneurship event of Gellify, of course in a fully digital edition.

Michela Bambara, our Chairman and Valeria Scargetta, our Managing Director were panelist at the opening event to talk about how Falck Renewable Group created NUO. Soon the video of their contributions.

Michela Bambara:

In 2018 I took over the leadership of the digital transformation program of the Falck Renewables group, a company with a long history, today completely dedicated to green production and services.

The challenge of digitalization is always exciting, but Falck Renewables has immediately shown that it has an edge, which I believe is represented by our values.

I can describe our experience through the guidelines of four essential values:

The first of our values ​​is “think big”.

Despite being a medium-sized company, especially in the energy context dominated by large utilities, Falck Renewables immediately set the bar of digitization at the right height, the maximum one.

Digital is not only an enabler of automation and efficiency, it is a new product and service.

I worked with my team and colleagues from operations to create a product, first for internal use, to manage the entire lifecycle of renewable assets, but having immediately in mind that the final target would be to create a product for the market.

As the product was taking shape, there was an increasing need to focus on the concept of a product company, which could focus on the value that customers demand and keep the speed of evolution and adaptation that a software product company requires.

That’s where the second element comes: you need to believe that things can happen, and even more you need to “make it happen”.

For this reason, in 2019 I worked hard to create a digital start-up, engaging top management, finance, legal, HR, my team and making it as autonomous as possible with its initial funding, a clear business plan, and, of course, human resources adequate to the challenge, focusing on INTERNAL skills for core development and outsourcing only nieche or less strategic components.

Being able in such a short time to create a first version of the product and a company to launch it on the market was an excellent result, in my opinion made possible by a deep and clear vision of the group’s top management and board and at the same time by the size which is more agile than other corporates.

On the 2nd of January 2020 our new company, “NUO”, was born with a synergic approach, leveraging on operation and asset management know-how and on brand reputation on the renewables market but independent from the corporate.

The third key success factor in this experience is the ability to share: “go out and bring IDEAS inside and share what you have”.

Digital innovation in an energy transition context IS EXPLODING exponentially BECAUSE OF OUR ABILITY TO SHARE our network of knowledge and skills. IT IS ALSO SUPPORTED BY OUR ABILITY TO “CONTAMINATE” different actors, approaches and skills, such as operation technology and information technology, start-ups and large hi-tech companies , university and FREELANCERS.

This is the reason why we hired Valeria Scargetta to guide it. She is a manager with a deep knowledge of the energy market, but at the same time possesses an entrepreneurial spirit.

To conclude, I recommend USING an approach THAT IS as open as possible if you really want to innovate in your corporate, because creating a cell and letting it grow is the best way we have to create something new and unique, we call it “CHALLENGING the status quo”.

NUO aims TO BE the new green digital ecosystem for the renewables market, unlocking additional data hidden value.

Today, NUO is an independent and synergistic start-up with the group, ready to grow and innovate in the green digital market, sharing our recipe within the group:

  • Think big
  • Make it happen
  • Share what you have
  • Challenge the status quo

Valeria Scargetta:

I joined NUO at the beginning of 2020 with two major tasks: completing the adoption of NUO tools on Falck plants, and setup the team to bridge NUO to market.

Our experience is peculiar at this regard as our challenge is that of creating a “startup environment and mindset” in a corporate, more than integrating the startup environment in a corporate culture. Moreover all this in a year of pandemic

Now, pros and cons of being a corporate startup:

You have the investor onboard engaged since the beginning and funding is not the issue …. But … You have to cope with corporate procedures and decision making processes starting from the early stage

you have access to a wide range of competencies and knowledge at group level …. But …. You have to tune the employee mindset with the entrepreneurship mindset of a member of a startup and make the extended team feel they are part of an exciting journey!